Shelby Cook

My name is Shelby and I'm a wife and mother of two girls. We have always been a fairly active family but wanting to get more toned before summer I decided to hit the gym and that is where I met Frank.  After a short session with him I realized that if I wanted to exercise and tone right he would be the one to do it. I started with just two 30 min. sessions a week and after the first month went to one 30 min. a week. While pushing me to be my best he also encourages me and lets me know that I can do it.  I started seeing noticeable changes after the first two weeks.   My thighs were slimming down and so was my love handle area. I have been working with Frank for two months and I am already excited about the person I see in the mirror. When I am not working with Frank I do my personal workout plan that he designed just for me. Frank is an amazing encourager, teacher, supporter and now my accountability partner. Best personal trainer I have had, and have recommended him to all my friends and family. Work with him and you will not be sorry.