sandy s.

My name is Sandy and I have been a client of Franks's for over 5 months.  I realize most everyone has injuries they need to overcome (especially at my age of 55).  I have a disc pressing into my spinal chord between my C3 and C7 (in my neck).  I have been with a physical therapist for many years off and on.   Also, both of my knees have some arthritis in them.  The left knee has a partial torn meniscus I have not been able to straighten it for years.  My P.T. sent me to an orthopedic doctor for my knees.  He recommended that I continue working withFrank to strengthen all my  muscles around the knees.  He told me he could do surgery and clean up my knees, but the exercises I was doing with Frank had much greater benefits at this point.  After working with Frank over these past months, I am happy to report that I can now straightened my left leg!!  I can even do squats.  My neck has seen just as much improvement as well...WOW!  Before this I could barely lift any amount of weight.  I can now lift my twin grandsons above my head!  > > FBGBG's policy of starting with a 3 to 4 month commitment is very wise.  In the beginning, I wanted to quit several times.  However, with Frank's consistent workouts I became stronger each week.  Thus, the desire to continue grew stronger as time went on.  I feel so much better and stronger and I never want to go backwards again.  It is hard work!  I tell Frank the sweat dripping from my eyes are tears.  It can be so hard at times...but the rewards...forever!> > Frank consults with my physical therapist about my injuries, tailoring my workouts to accommodate my injuries and help with the progression of the healing.  I am looking forward to the next 5 month!