My son has played football since the 4th grade. He was always a big kid, the kind that lumbers along rather than runs. Consistently put on the defensive line to plug a hole or act as a wall, he wanted to be a different kind of football player. One day he asked to play running back and his Coach, also his Dad, said he could not because he's not fast enough. Thankfully, Frank entered the picture. First day of training with Frank my son could not do a push up and running sprints was not pretty. Richie has transformed since training with Frank. Now a starting running back, he runs a mile in 6.45 and has gone from back of the pack to one of the fastest kids on his team. He's got quick feet, agility, and stamina he never had before. More than that though, Frank has become a mentor who keeps an eye on him in all aspects of his young life. From grades to workout habits to getting along with his family, Richie counts on Frank for guidance and perspective. Frank keeps Richie focused and doesn't let him become over eager and injure himself as young athletes can do. Richie has set high goals and he and Frank stay the course and are working to get stronger and faster so Richie can keep reaching for his dreams. Any young athlete who has Frank and the rest of FBGBG Training in their corner are very truly blessed and have a definite advantage in their athletic career.