Our daughter is a volleyball player and had worked with Frank previously through her high school team during their summer program.  After her club season she wanted to pursue training with Frank on an individual basis to prepare for the next season. She wanted to build strength, and increase her power and speed.  After training with Frank this spring she has become a more confident and stronger player.  She has a sense of her body's capabilities and is motivated by them.  As parents we are impressed by the changes in our daughter both physically and mentally.  Frank is encouraging, supportive and always committed.  He works hard to develop a exceptional connection with his clients. Frank inspired our daughter to be dedicated to the program and her consistency with training, meal planning, bcaas and supplemental protein aided in her progress and recovery. When she was struggling with back pain, Frank referred her to Dave Andrews at North Idaho Physical Therapy and with a combination of training, therapy, and treatment her back pain has not returned. We feel fortunate and look forward to her ongoing training relationship with Frank and the benefits she will continue to gain.

Todd and Catherine Schini​