Jamie M.

I'm 6 months into a new lifestyle that started with Frank. In the beginning I was 14 years into being a stay at home mom and doing zero for myself. I had tried low fat, low carb, carb cycling, you name it. I didn't want to start training because I was too out of shape. I tried to put it off until next month, or the first, or maybe next Monday. Frank wasn't having it. We started Oct 14. I remember the date because it's when my life began again. I could barely walk on the treadmill 5 minutes and jumping jacks? Forget it. Frank started me where I needed to be and to this day keeps me at my level and always getting better. I've lost 37 pounds and 10 inches. I can jog a 12 minute mile...JOG! Why? Because not only does Frank train my body he trains my mind. He is there if I'm having a bad day, a weak moment, or if the scale is not being nice. Without him training me in a new LIFESTYLE I would be diabetic and have high blood pressure and still be on the couch. If I can do this with Franks help, so can anyone. Frank has made all the difference in my life and keeps challenging me to be better. I owe him my health.