SHERI N. (Dylan Haag)

My son Dylan has been working with Frank Morton at FBGBG for over 8 months now and the changes we’ve seen in our son have been dramatic. Frank approached us after our son’s sophomore year of football asking if he could work with him to prepare him for the upcoming season. While we were skeptical at first of using the services of a personal trainer for a child, our minds were quickly changed based on the positive results we saw.

From the start, our son quickly became a very different person. Frank has a whole being approach to training that is very effective in getting motivated and staying motivated. The first thing he did was have our son track his eating with a food diary in order to educate him on the way he was fueling his body. From there, implementing an eating plan was a smooth transition and Dylan quickly lost a noticeable amount of weight. The weight training and conditioning Frank provided our son also began to have a dramatic and noticeable affect on his overall body shape. His current fitness level is far beyond where he has been at the height of any of his sports seasons and Dylan says he has never felt stronger or healthier. We are really looking forward to seeing what he will be able to do accomplish this coming football season!

Aside from the fitness aspect, Frank has had a profound affect on Dylan as a human being. Frank came into Dylan’s life at a time where we were struggling a parents to communicate to Dylan how important our family values and ethics are. Frank approaches training youngsters from a spiritual, ethical, and character driven standpoint and focuses on the whole person. He has taught Dylan a level of respect for others that he hadn’t reached before. We were also struggling with our sons level of attention to his scholastic efforts. Since Frank has been training Dylan, he has kept a very close eye on his academic progress as well as his fitness level.

As parents we have really appreciated the constant communication with Frank regarding Dylan’s progress. He is very friendly, warm and easy to relate to. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Frank and can’t wait to see how all of his efforts coupled with our sons hard work will pay off!​